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What’s the story of Cats?

The story of Cats is an anthology-style musical which takes place over only one night time.

A number of cats collect in a junkyard and introduce themselves in music, making the case for why every one is worthy to enter the Heaviside Layer, the cat equal of Heaven, to be reborn as a youthful, hotter cat. 

The occasions are overseen by the delightfully rotund and sort Deuteronomy, performed by Judi Dench within the new movie.

However lurking within the background, is the dreaded legal cat Macavity, performed by Idris Elba.

Every music is about every cat introducing itself, or telling a narrative about its life. 

In the course of the night time, a washed-up outdated cat named Grizabella makes an attempt to hitch the festivities a number of instances, however is repeatedly rejected as the opposite cats choose her look and vibrant previous, shunning her.

After the lead cats have their second to sing, the kindly Deuteronomy decides to provide Grizabella an opportunity to ascend to the Heaviside Layer, after which she sings. 

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