NBA playoffs: Shocking accusation made after LeBron James’ Cavs sweep the Toronto Raptors | Other | Sport

The Raptors were swept 4-0 by the Cavaliers despite starting the NBA playoffs as the number one seed in the East.

Prior to the semi-finals, there was confidence the Raptors could finally overcome LeBron James’ Cavs but he had the last laugh, inspiring his team to the Conference finals against either the Boston Celtic or Philadelphia 76ers.

For the Raptors, defeat was a huge blow to the franchise and TNT analyst Charles Barkley delivered a scathing assessment of the Canadians.

Barkley said on TNT: “Psychologically after Game 1, they were done.

“I would never say a team has to win Game 1 but the Toronto Raptors had to win.

“Losing the game, they were still shellshocked in Game 2, they got beat down.

“They tried to show some pride in Game 3 then they quit again tonight.

“I’m just disappointed. I like their players, I like their coach.

“But to come out and just quit in two games when you’re the number one team, that’s crazy.”

Jonas Valanciunas was the best player for the Raptors during the Cavs series and he admitted there was a psychological issue.

“They wanted it more than us,” Valanciunas said.

“That’s about it. It was the mental stuff, not the basketball stuff, that hurt us the most.

“It’s not like we didn’t want to (win). We wanted to, but I think it was the frustration. We just lost our head.”

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